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Hors d`oeuvres Menus

Servicing Hamilton, Mississauga, Burlington and the GTA

℘  Sushi wrapped in with Niagara prosciutto (no chemicals all natural) sweet figs, caramelized onions, Brie cheese  ℘

℘  Crispy Frere Jacquies cheese squares with raspberry infused merlot wine balsamic reduction glaze  ℘

℘  Thai stir fry, Asian influenced vegetables, tossed in a lemon grass ginger teriyaki sauce

garnished with roasted cashews served in mini take out box with chop sticks & fork  ℘

℘  Nappa Valley spring rolls, julienne mangos, cucumber strings, red onions, sweet peppers,
arugula wrapped in rice paper with orange ginger dipping sauce   ℘

℘  Artichoke spinach & cheese stuffed wanton rolls with toasted sesame seed plum dipping sauce  ℘

℘  Swiss cheese nest stuffed with porcine, cremini, chantrelle mushroom ragout  ℘

℘  Sweet potato gnocchi simmered in roasted tomato goat’s cheese sauce with baby spinach,
candied onions garnished with toasted pumpkin seeds in appetizer bowl with side fork  ℘

℘  Gazpacho & jalapeno cold soup shooters garnished with basil infused olive oil  ℘

℘  Cold rice noodle salad medley of fresh Asian-influenced vegetables
tossed in ginger cilantro chili dressing in mini appetizer bowl  ℘

℘  Garden spring roll, medley vegetable baton of sweet peppers, avocado,
cucumber & red beet slivers, crisp carrot slivers, seasoned with lemon oregano infused olive oil
wrapped in toasted black sesame seed crusted rice paper, garnished with vibrant red drizzle  ℘

℘  Cajun dusted skin on frittes with roasted garlic aioli  ℘

℘  Fig & pear creamed marmalade on toasted tarragon
white truffle oil crostini garnished with candied pecans  ℘

℘  Roasted maple butternut squash soup drizzled cinnamon vanilla creme served in espresso cup  ℘

℘  Roasted red pepper, tomato, & feta goat’s cheese bruschetta on toasted garlic canapé  ℘

℘  Belgian endive with roasted pears, red beet cubes, spiced walnuts
drizzled with lemon infused olive oil  ℘

℘  Cocktail Shrimp with aged spiced rum seafood sauce  ℘

℘ Chili shrimp skewers marinated in garlic, ginger, cilantro with coconut peach sauce  ℘

℘  Pina colada coconut shrimp with peach sauce  ℘

℘  Smoked salmon pinwheel wraps, candied sweet onions, fire roasted peppers, cucumber

spaghetti, lemon dill caper creamed cheese, arugula wrapped in tortilla shell  ℘

℘  Smoked salmon roulade stuffed with sun-dried tomato, lemon dill
creamed cheese, garnished with Beluga Caviar  ℘

℘  Prosciutto wrapped scallops poached in garlic drawn butter garnished with toasted almond slivers  ℘

℘  Apple wood smoked bacon wrapped scallops  ℘

℘  Steamed lemon grass scallops topped with black bean sauce served in appetizer spoon  ℘

℘  Mini crab croquettes topped with asparagus lime aioli  ℘

℘  Pan seared halibut, nested round black “forbidden” rice, topped with
red beet, apple, fennel, carrot citrus slaw served in app spoon with fork  ℘

℘  Habanero & honey garlic glazed chicken drummettes  ℘

℘  Tandoori chicken skewers with cumin raita dipping sauce ℘

℘  Mini duck spring roll, stuffed with braised slaw of Nappa cabbage, apple slivers,
carrots fennel, garnished with chipotle lime cranberry infused olive oil  ℘

℘  Chicken breast tenderloin wrapped in apple wood smoked bacon on bamboo skewer  ℘

℘  Grilled chicken breast satay topped with Habanero mango peach & pineapple salsa  ℘

℘  Black & white sesame seed crusted chicken satay, drizzled with BBQ coconut glaze  ℘

℘  Beef skewers crusted with NICHE’s herb
& spices garnished with smoky paprika tomato ragout  ℘

℘  Mini chicken parmesan slider with roasted tomato
& garlic sauce, gruyere cheese in mini ciabatta bun  ℘

℘  NICHE’s herb & spice rubbed whole AAA tenderloin roast sliced medallions
nested on roasted garlic mashed potatoes swirl, glazed with chipolini onion,
chantrelle mushroom wine sauce, served in mini appetizer bowl with fork  ℘

℘  Surf & Turf, mini bacon wrapped tenderloin fillet topped with lobster, cremini
mushrooms, tarragon white truffle oil ragout served in appetizer bowl  ℘

℘  Mini signature NICHE burgers, topped with caramelized onions,
Smoked Gouda cheese on slider bun with roasted garlic aioli & baby spinach  ℘

℘  Mini Kobe cheese burgers  ℘

℘  Tender Kobe beef patty, caramelized onions & aged cheddar cheese on a soft slider roll  ℘

℘  Candied pecans & panko crusted rack of lamb pops
drizzled with berry Grand Marnier reduction sauce  ℘

℘  Toasted pumpkin seed & rosemary crusted rack of lamb pops, drizzled with
raspberry & 12yr spiced rum reserve reduction glaze  ℘

  ℘  Mini pulled pork sliders with NICHE’s own BBQ sauce,
topped with braised apple cabbage & smoked Gouda cheese  ℘

℘  Basil pesto marinated boccocini cheese, cherry tomato, & prosciutto skewers  ℘

℘  Mini grilled cheese stuffed with prosciutto, three cheeses of brie,
chevre noir goat’s cheese, gruyere & fresh basil leaf  ℘

℘  NEW  ℘   Mini Grilled cheese ‘The Classic’  ℘  black forest ham,
Swiss cheese, Holly spicy Saffron mustard  ℘

℘  NEW ℘  The Mobster ℘   ALL ARE MEATS LOCAL from Niagara & chemical free,
Porchetta, Prosciutto, sundried tomato aioli, bococcini cheese fresh basil chiffonade  ℘

℘  NEW ℘  My Niche ℘   Slow roast of rib eye beef shaved, chipotle tomato onion ragout,
sauté Chanterelle mushrooms, roasted garlic aioli, smoked aged cheddar  ℘

℘  Mini Philly style steak sandwich, caramelized onions, cremini
porcine mushrooms, smoked Gouda cheese, jalapeno aioli  ℘

℘  Pizza NICHE, sweet potato, candied onions, sun-dried tomatoes,
blue cheese, arugula, fresh basil wine sauce base  ℘

℘ Pizza NICHE, Habanero & smoked tomato sauce, cremini mushrooms,
pancetta, Chipolini onions, chives, pecorino cheese  ℘

℘  Mac & cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, candied butternut squash,
smoked prosciutto, smoked gouda cheese sauce, panko crumbs
bake served in appetizer bowl with mini fork  ℘

℘  Mac & cheese with lobster chunks, Cremini mushroom,
chipolini onions, white truffle & tarragon mascarpone cheese sauce, panko bake  ℘

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