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Customized Menu Selections

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Customized Menu Selections

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Tarragon red beet crab bisque topped with candied garlic crème

Roasted garlic tomato & coconut lobster bisque garnished with white truffle oil

Roasted tomato & candied garlic soup drizzled with basil infused olive oil

Watermelon guava & clementine vodka cold soup

Chilled minted spring pea soup drizzled with vanilla bean crème

Gazpacho cold soup garnished with jalapeno infused olive oil

Four mushroom of shitake, porcine, portabella
& cremini puree cream soup, drizzled with white truffle oil

Roasted tomato & candied garlic bisque
drizzled with basil infused olive oil

Roasted maple butternut squash soup,
garnished with arugula toasted pumpkin seeds pesto


Summer breeze salad with charred onions, tossed in a grainy mustard balsamic dressing, topped with pears,
honey-coated almonds, cambozola cheese & fresh berries

NICHE’s mixed green salad, tossed in Maple balsamic vinaigrette, grape tomatoes
& cucumbers wedges, topped with candied pecans, crumbled blue cheese & fresh berries

Field mixed green salad tossed in dijon sesame oil balsamic vinaigrette
garnished with toasted pumpkin seeds, trio-colour of grape tomatoes,
cucumber & radish pappardelle, brie cheese & strawberries

Farmers’ greens salad with charred onions, daikon
& cucumber ribbons, grape tomatoes, tossed in grainy mustard balsamic vinaigrette
topped with pears, roasted walnuts, cambozola cheese & fresh berries

Tomato & bocconcini cheese salad aside with  basil-infused champagne shallot vinaigrette

Mediterranean salad, crisp lettuce, Bermuda onion,tomatoes, cucumbers, crushed feta cheese
& vodka marinated olives aside with lemon honey oregano vinaigrette

Cold pasta salad, trio fussily with sweet peppers,fresh basil,
sundried tomatoes & feta cheese, marinated in roasted garlic olive oil

Candied cranberry, chic peas, braised swiss
chard & cous cous salad, tossed with red beet  vinaigrette (Superman salad)

Candied cranberry, chic peas, braised swiss chard,
quinea salad, tossed with cucumber mint vinaigrette

Green & red cabbage coleslaw with apples, carrots,
marinated in lemon zesty house dressing

Creamy potato salad with charred corn, sweet peppers, chives,
purple onions, marinated in creamy chipotle aioli


Build your own salad with three types of lettuce:
(baby spinach, field mix & crispy leaf) onions, tomatoes, cucumbers,
carrots, sweet peppers, radishes, broccoli,  croutons, bacon bits, feta & three cheese blend,
maple balsamic ving, lemon honey oregano ving, raspberry ving, olive oil, Caesar dressing

(add grilled chicken breast for $4 per person, plus HST)


Trio-colour of gnocchi pasta, sauté of candied onions, roasted red peppers & baby spinach,
simmered in wild mushroom duck confit sauce, garnished with cocoa springs

Sweet potato gnocchi simmered in roasted tomato goat’s cheese sauce
with baby spinach, candied onions garnished with toasted pumpkin seeds

Vegetable ribbon pasta, ribbons of green & yellow zucchini, carrots, daikon,
with beet cubes flavored with chili arugula toasted sunflower seeds pesto garlic olive oil

Wild forest mushrooms, stuffed agnolotti pasta, tossed in fresh basil cream sauce,
garnished with Asiago cheese & drizzled with parsley olive oil

Roasted butternut squash stuffed stripped agnolotti pasta simmered in roasted tomato
garlic rose sauce, topped with pecorino cheese, drizzled thyme olive oil & purple basil

Baby spinach & ricotta cheese ravioli pasta simmered in  caramelized garlic, tomato
& chipolini onions rose sauce garnished with crispy red beet, carrot & fennel strings

Chillan penne, sauté of sweet peppers, chipolini  onions, forest mushrooms & chives,
simmered in garlic chili fresh herbs olive oil & Asiago cheese

Penne pesto al la creme, fire roasted peppers, baby spinach, candied Bermuda onions,
tossed in pumpkin seed pesto vanilla creme white wine sauce

Garlic portobello mushrooms & Bermuda onion orzo pasta,
tossed in a rose sauce with crumbled goat’s cheese

Forest mushrooms stuffed jumbo raviolis, tossed in basil cream wine sauce

Meat lasagna, a tower of lasagna stuffed with spinach, wild mushrooms,
four-cheese blend, rosemary-infused beef, smothered with roasted tomato sauce

Grilled vegetable lasagna, a tower of lasagna  stuffed with spinach,
garlic marinated grilled vegetables, béchamel sauce & a four-cheese blend

Spaghetti, tossed in a roasted chunky tomato sauce with shaved Asiago

Spinach fettuccine, tossed in white wine sauce
garnished with basil pesto & pecorino cheese

Spicy rigatoni, candied onions, sweet peppers, chunky tomatoes,
simmered in a coconut milk rose sauce crumbled Manchago cheese


Saffron lemon grass infused rice pilaf

Black eye bean & chic pea saffron rice topped with fresh arugula

Cranberry wild yellow rice pilaf

Black rice

Roasted garlic mashed potatoes swirls

Buttermilk, manchago cheese mashed potatoes swirls

Roasted garlic & brie cheese mashed potatoes swirls

Sweet mashed potato with hinted cinnamon

Chive potato & manchago cheese in panko bread crumb croquette

Sweet potato & Yukon croquettes

Parsley & chili Parisian potatoes tossed in garlic butter

Fingerling roasted potatoes crusted with
fresh thyme, garlic, finished with parsley butter

Roasted mini potatoes crusted with rosemary garlic olive oil

Roasted mini potatoes tossed in garlic & herbs

Roasted mini potatoes, tossed in dill butter

Roasted mini potatoes, tossed in crushed pistachios & garlic olive oil

Three-cheese risotto

Wild mushroom & wine risotto

Saffron lobster lemon grass risotto


Pappardelle vegetables of green & yellow zucchini & carrots

Baby carrot tops wrapped in leek strings

Medley of steamed vegetables

Poached asparagus with gold & red beet squares
glazed with tarragon infused butter

Roasted root vegetables glazed with
porcine mushroom butter

Roasted baby-root vegetables,
tossed in herbed garlic butter

Grilled speared trio of peppers with carrots

 Sesame crusted green & yellow beans with baby carrots tops, tossed in maple glaze

Grilled vegetable kebobs – Marinated in basil pesto & herbs
with garlic green & yellow zucchini coins, green & red peppers, onions, mushrooms

Grilled vegetable kebabs marinated in ginger jalapeños
oil, sweet peppers, onions, zucchini & mushrooms


Lemon basil pesto marinated chicken Supreme
breast drizzled with natural au jus

Tuscan Style chicken breast Supreme, with vodka olives, candied garlic,
spinach, artichoke sundried tomatoes puree wine sauce

NICHE’s herb & spice crusted roasted chicken breasts
supreme smothered with wild mushroom wine sauce

Roasted chicken Supreme breast seasoned with
NICHE’s herbs & spices on a puddle of clear puree spinach & white wine sauce

Stuffed chicken Supreme breast with rosemary
mushroom duxelle ricotta cheese on a bed of clear
puree porcine mushroom arugula cream sauce

Stuffed chicken breast supreme with creamed feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes,
artichokes napped with puree baby spinach Pinot Grigio wine sauce

Stuffed chicken breast roulade medallion
with feta, baby spinach, artichokes creamed cheese
napped with basil lemon wine sauce

Stuffed chicken Supreme breast with herb
& spice lightlypoached green asparagus &
brie creamed cheese, drizzled with cabernet
Franc ice wine vanilla crème sauce reduction

Marinated rosemary garlic grilled
veal chop topped with porcine

Sole paupiettes, stuffed with roasted garlic brie cheese poached in white truffle oil
wine sauce garnished with black bean sauce & purple basil shoots

Candied pecan & orange zest crusted salmon fillet,
topped with cilantro ginger crème

Grilled salmon fillet, topped with lemon dill rose butter

Pan-seared halibut fillet on a bed of saffron golden beet puddle, topped with
vermicelli Thai-style slaw, drizzled with tarragon red beet drizzle


Grilled vegetable croustade, medley of lightly grilled marinated vegetables,
cupped in phyllo pastry, drizzled with roasted red pepper coulis

Grilled vegetable Napoleon, lightly grilled marinated vegetables stacked tower high,
drizzled with champagne balsamic reduction glaze

Roasted butternut squash stuffed stripped agnolotti pasta simmered in roasted tomato
garlic rose sauce, topped with pecorino cheese, drizzled with thyme olive oil & purple basil

Vegetable ribbon pasta, ribbons of green & yellow zucchini, carrots, daikon, with beet cubes
flavuored with chili arugula toasted sunflower seeds pesto garlic olive oil

Grilled portobello mushroom stuffed with  baby spinach, ricotta cheese, caramelized garlic,
tomatoes & yellow pepper wrapped in phyllo pastry drizzled with wild berry balsamic reduction


LEMON CHIFFON CAKE, zesty lemon cake filled with a thin layer of raspberry marmalade
& lemon cream, surrounded with curls of white chocolate & topped with lemon curd

BLACK & WHITE DIAMOND CAKE, mousse layered between light sponge cake,
garnished with dark & white chocolate glaze coulis, fresh whipped cream & berries

TRIPLE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE pyramid glazed with
crème de cacao anglais, fresh berries & whipped cream

STRAWBERRY MOUSSE, cream set on vanilla cake,
drizzled with vanilla bean ice wine glaze

TRILOGY OF CHEESECAKES, Tahitian vanilla, vibrant mango
& pistachio eruption garnished with fresh coulis & whipped cream

WHITE CHOCOLATE CAPPUCCINO CAKE, drizzled with mocha sauce,
fresh vanilla-scented whipped cream & fresh berries

WILD BERRY CHARLOTTE, light wild berry cream set between light vanilla genoises,
drizzled with Baileys  crème Anglais & vanilla-scented fresh whipped cream

Lemon lime sorbet drizzled with mint coulis & waffer


strawberry swirl cheesecake, date square & chocolate swirl cheesecake

ASSORTMENT European style pastries (8-10 variety)

ASSORTMENT of whole cakes

ASSORTMENT of flavoured mousses in tube glass


Assorted mini European pastries, assortment of fine cakes, Bailey’s
chocolate mousse with white chocolate glaze & Mozart liqueur vanilla bean mousse
with caramel served in mini shooter cups

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